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A Call For Support

Dear Intercessors,
I am writing you concerning our public school ministry, Consider Character. Our ministry to the public schools for America has grown considerably over the past two years. We are excited and overwhelmed by the growth that we have seen. From the months of November 2016 to February 2017, our ministry, Consider Character, will be in 20 different schools. Unfortunately with this growth comes added needs and expenses. We are asking for you to prayerfully consider financially supporting us in this endeavor. The need is great. According to the National Center for Education statistics, there were 98,817 public schools during the 2009 to 2010 school year. Although some schools have consolidated, this number is still a reasonable estimate. If our organization where to reach one school a day, per year, we can reach 180 schools. At that rate it will take 549 years to reach them all. In 2012-2013 the total number of K-12 students was 49,934,477. That is around 15% of the population. As shown above this is one of the largest, if not the largest mission fields across America. 
We are a local church based ministry, therefore all of our finances are funneled through our home church, Victory Baptist Church, Chester Springs, PA. Again we are asking for your financial support in this endeavor. Either support monthly, or a one-time donation, all of which will be tax deductible. Please contact me with questions or responses at my contact information below. Thank you kindly for your time and your friendship.
Reaching Generations for Christ,
Michael Fisher

Director and Founder of Consider Character

(704)473-3096 –Call or Text

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An Over-Due Update

Revival Meetings And More

It has been three months since my last update, and it has trulyRevival Meetings And Other Ministry been an eventful three months. September was filled with two dodgeball competitions. One tournament was in Great Falls, MT with Pastor Sasek and Temple Baptist Church, and the other was in Coon Rapids, MN with Pastor Nathan Huston and Coon Rapids Baptist Church. Both tournaments were impacting for the churches and the communities that surround them. 

Upon our departure from Coon Rapids, MN to Indiana we encountered truck problems which delayed us a few days. By the time that we got back on the road all of our bills for the truck were paid in full. The Lord never misses an opportunity to show Himself strong. 

October opened continued opportunity in two different revival meetings. One meeting was in Warsaw, IN with our dear friends at Believer’s Baptist Church. Pastor Don Williams is not only one of the pastors that we preach for, but he is also a great friend. The other meeting was in the hills of West Virginia at Faith Way Baptist Church with Pastor Downing Gregory. God truly blessed our meetings over and abundantly above we could ask or even think. It is amazing how the joy of the Lord and the preaching of His word impacts those that hear and see it.

Excitement In The Public Schools

November ushered in our public school ministry, Consider Character. We started last week in Brewer High School in Somerville, AL. The Lord allowed me to spend the entire week in the school as well as two days this week. I had the opportunity to deal with pertanant issues that the students deal with on a daily basis. The Lord also allowed me to present the gospel on a few different occasions with numerous students. I finish off my time in Brewer this week and will start our program next week in Cotaco Middle School and Elementary School and the following week I will be at Arab Elementary School. The Lord has opened up this entire county to our Consider Character Program. 

December will be filled with some much needed family time and planning for this next year. Please pray for January. I will be in fifteen school in Texas and I will fly to Alaska to conduct our program there in Seward High School. 

February is filled with youth conference and mission conferences. This next year, 2017, is nearly full of ministering in public schools, local church revival meetings, camps, and conferences. 

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Summer Excitement 

Wow, I can’t believe how quick this year is going. I guess that the saying is true “Time flies when your having fun.” God has been very busy in our lives and our ministry since the last letter. I ended my last letter stating that I was on my way to Laurel, Montana to help conduct a VBS for First Baptist Church of Laurel, Montana. 
God truly did a great work while there in Laurel. I was able to see souls saved and Christians encouraged. It is always a pleasure to be out west, especially in Laurel, Montana. After spending ten days in Montana I headed back home for a few days until my next flight to Greenville, SC. 

I flew to Greenville to assist my long time friend, Evangelist Mike Washer in a decipleship camp for his ministry National Hoops. The Lord truly blessed as Mike and I preached salvation and the Christian life to fifty-eight basketball players from around the nation. God allowed me to be involved in the lives of numerous teenagers that otherwise I would not have had an opportunity to minister to. Many souls responded to salvation and the Lord’s cleansing power for His children. 

After camp at Greenville my family and I were able to be home for VBS at Victory Baptist Church in Chester Springs, PA, our home church. I had the opportunity to speak to the teenagers and my wife and I were part of the skits. I was Marshall Mellow, the town marshall, and she had a crush on me in the skit as Miss Polly Pureheart. I was able to again see teenagers saved. I do enjoy seeing teenagers ,who have their whole life ahead of them, come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Three weeks ago, my family and I, continued our summer camp ministry in Iowa. I had the privilege to preach at Living Waters in Bonaparte, IA for both juniors week and senior high week. It was a privilege to minister alongside the director, Pastor Aaron Helterbran, and his staff. God again showed Himself faithful in the saving of souls and the building up of the believer. 

Chris had the opportunity to be a camper for the week. Growing up in the ministry.

I am currently writing this letter from 30,000 feet, traveling from Philadelphia, PA to Omaha, NE after seeing God work near Quakertown, PA at a teen/ family camp for Pastor Dave Smith and his assistant, Pastor Jonathan Stockton. What a wonderful week! 

Please continue to pray. Schools will be back in session soon and the opportunity to approach, speak to, and schedule our program, Consider Character, with principals is around the corner.

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Blessed Beyond Messure

Dear Intercessors and Supporters,
My family and I have had an eventful year in the ministry thus far. Life has been extremely busy. I am sure that you could say the same. My wife and I have prayed for a full schedule and the Lord has been gracious enough to allow us to have that and more. 

We started the month of May in Douglas, WY at Douglas Baptist Church with Pastor Roy Phillips. We have always enjoyed the opportunities that the Lord has given us at Douglas Baptist Church. It is always a time where God’s hand can be seen, and this time was no different. We spent time there preparing for and conducting a dodgeball tournament alongside their new youth pastor, Corey Gillinov. The dodgeball tournament was used to produce many contacts for Corey and the church. It truly was used of God to reach Douglas’ teenage community.

Our next stop was in Williamsport, PA. What we thought was to be an uneventful trip, was different that the Lord had in mind for our family. On our way to PA my family and I stopped in Moline, IL to see one of our dear friends and partners in the ministry. Upon leaving the following day, just fifty miles into our trip, we broke a leaf spring mount of our fifth wheel trailer. The Lord truly did protect us and allowed us to have a few “days off.” The Lord used the unexpected stop to allow us to introduce ourselves as well as our ministry to a church family that we have never met and would never have met if we had not broke down.

We did finally arrive in Williamsport, PA a few days after the minor delay and hit the ground running canvassing for our next dodgeball tournament. Again the Lord allowed us to see souls saved and numerous teenagers and adults reached through the tournament. 

Our next destination was Good News Baptist Church in Chesapeak, VA. Again we were looking to have an uneventful trip to see one of our dear friends, Pastor Mike Ascher; however God had yet another stop in mind. On our way to Chesapeak we had a tire blow out on our trailer at 1 am Sunday morning. We were within an hour of our destination and within miles of a RV campground. We retired for the night at the campground and I was able to travel in the next morning and minister at the church and travel in with my family on the following day. The following Wednesday we were able to conduct yet another dodgeball tournament. Teens came to Christ as well as a mother that was sent in off the street.

Just two weeks ago I and two young men travelled to Vermont to conduct a five night teen outreach with my dear friend Steve Cheuvront and Mountain View Baptist Church. We were able to see, through the progression of the nights, many teens come to the Lord. It never ceases to overwhelm me that the Lord allows me to preach His gospel message.

This past week I flew to Iowa to preach in at Freedom Bible Camp. The Lord gave us souls as well as decisions. It was an extremely encouraging week.

My letter ends as I am flying in a plane to Montana. I will be helping to conduct a VBS and a July 4th outreach at First Baptist Church in Laurel, MT. Again, I am overwhelmed that God allows me to be in His ministry.

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Alaska prayer request

Dear Friends, 

I did not send this out last month. This will keep you up to date. There is a bit on here that is outdated. I am back in Alaska in September of 2016. The principal wants both the Jr high and Sr high to interact with our program. The need for a helper is a huge prayer request. 

The next update will be coming soon after this one.


Mike Fisher

April Update 2016

Dear Friends and Intercessors,  

      We first wanted to thank you for all of your support as we endeavor to reach America’s youth. God has been and is continuing to open doors over and abundantly above all that we could ask or even think. Our schedule is filled for this year in revival meetings, schools, and camps across the country. There is so much that has happened since our last update, so I will make an attempt to be brief. 

I have been in contact with a gentleman in Southern Kansas concerning the entrance into over a hundred schools in his area. He currently has a program established in these schools, but wants to integrate what Consider Character has to offer. This is just one state out of fifty and just a small portion of the over 130,000 public schools in the nation. In addition to the opportunity in Kansas the doors seem to be opening in Southern Texas. I was able to get connected to a guidance counselor in that area that is extremely interested in connecting us with various schools in that region of Texas. We will be stationing ourselves in Texas for the months of January and February of 2017.


With just these two opportunities we are overwhelmed with schools and ministry, but we have other locations that are expecting us every year. For instance we will be in Alabama every November facilitating our program to at least six schools in that area. Every time that we have our program in that area another school contacts us to be with them. We also have six major youth outreaches that we will be conducting before the end of the year. Our dodgeball ministry is exploding, and exciting. We have been able to see much fruit in this ministry as well as all that has been mentioned above. 

On April 21st I am off to Alaska. I will have entrance into schools as well as the opportunity to preach a youth rally in the Anchorage area.

We have schools interested in nearly every state that are on my schedule for this year. We are asking the Lord for more support to hire another laborer as well as a part time secretary. 

Continue to pray for safety in travel and fruit in the various open doors that the Lord has given us.

Please pray my dear friends!!

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“That was definitely a God moment.”

Some of you do not have the social media platforms that I posted this on after it happened. I thought that it was worth sharing here as well.

My family and I went to Target  a few weeks ago. We were just trying to get out of the house. While checking out I overheard the cashier singing under her breath. I asked her if she could sing well and she said yes. I then asked her if she would sing a song for my little daughter, Abi. Abi loves singing. She agreed and asked Abi what song she would like to hear. Abi said that she wanted to hear Jesus loves me. The cashier requested that we all sing together, so there we were singing Jesus loves me at Target, with the cashier, while people were behind us praising the Lord. While putting our cart back I ran into a lady that was behind us in the checkout line. She said, “That was definitely a God moment.” Another lady stated that she heard us singing from across the store and she was moved. It was a fun night at Target.

Dear friends keep looking for “God moments.”

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A Strong Finish to 2015 and a great start to 2016

Blog Post February 2016
Dear Intercessors,

I first wanted to thank you all for your support and prayers. God has been good to our family in 2015. That surely does not imply that we haven’t had our trials these past few months; however it does imply that through everything God has been good.

After finishing off two revival meetings at the end of October my family and I headed to Alabama for the remainder of the Public School Ministry for 2015. We had the privilege to have the help of the Roberts family for our fall semester. We were able to conduct the Consider Character Program in was Cotaco Middle School. The principal Brad Stapler was a tremendous encouragement to me. Brad allowed us to conduct our program in his gym classes. We were able to teach seven gym classes per day for two days. This gave us the privilege to impact everyone in his school. The following week we were in Brewer High School in Somerville, AL. Principal Childers opened the door to speak with all of his 9th graders. We had opportunity to teach seven classes per day for four days. Among the other schools that we were able to get into Arab Elementary sticks out in my mind during the month. Arab again was an opportunity to conduct our program in gym classes for two days. Teaching seven classes per day. Our contact in the schools led to the opportunity to conduct a large dodgeball event at the end of November. We had a great time at the tournament. Having the privilege to preach to so many teens and adults is something that I pray I never take for granted. Decisions were made in Alabama and christians were encouraged.

The month of December brought more public school ministry as well as a new experience for teenage outreach. Pastor Ryan Henderson partnered with our ministry in our home state of Pennsylvania. The Lord open the door to get into his school and conduct a whole school convocation. We also followed up this time with a dodgeball tournament. We again had a stellar time. Pastor was encouraged and decisions were made for Christ.

All of the schools that I conducted the Consider Character program in asked us for return meetings. We are truly overwhelmed at God’s goodness.

The second large opportunity I had to impact teenagers took place from December 23rd – 27th. I was the keynote speaker at a conference in Missouri. I spoke eleven times in the four days that I was there. The interesting part of the conference is that it was for over 2000 Asian people. I was asked to minister to the American born Asian youth and young adults. There were around three hundred youth and young adults attending the conference. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with those dear people. Teens, adults, and young adults were broken by the preaching and gave testimonies of the decisions that were made during our time together. 

So as you can see God has truly been good to our family. Please continue to pray for us.


To God Be The Glory

We are overwhelmed with the amount of ministry opportunities that the Lord is allowing us to be involved in this year and in 2016. My family and I have prayed to have our schedule as full as it is, but it does create some needs. We are praying about hiring another staff member to alleviate the daily workload. 

Continued Prayer

 • Our families’ health.

 • The mailing of brochures throughout the year.

 • For consistent contact with public schools for the intent of future ministry.

 • Safety in our travels this year.

What’s Next

 • Approach schools! Approach schools! Approach Schools!

 • Travel to Florida, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

 • Below is a list of states that we will be conducting our program in this next year as well as states that we are currently talking to concerning our program.

 ◦ Alaska, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, and Florida 

Dodgeball Tournaments 
This is something new for our ministry. We have found that dodgeball is a venue that we can use to reach a broader group of teenagers and young people in communities across America.

The Dodgeball tournament consists of the bullet points below:  

 • One Day Only

 • Four on Four Double Elimination

 • $200.00 Grand Prize

 • Register Individually Or Your Whole Team On Our Website Online

We have been able to generate many quality contacts for the local churches that have partnered with in this outreach. Please let me know if you are interested in this exciting opportunity.

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Update Before the Update

My family and I are overjoyed at how good that God has been to our ministry and home this year. I will write a more detailed update later, but I just wanted to say that this has been the best year of ministry yet. Our schedule for both churches and public school is nearly filled for next year. We are so busy with our ministry that we will be looking into a possible assistant for the 2016 calendar year. Again, a more detailed update will be written shortly, but I just wanted to praise God for His ministry that He allows me to take part.

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Public School Excitement

I am overjoyed today at the opportunity that myself and one of my team members had to conduct our program in Cotaco Middle School in Somerville, Alabama. We had the opportunity to be in direct contact with over 200 junior high students. Being in the school today and tomorrow has already opened up the opportunity to conduct our program in, for the first time ever, an elementary school.
Since we have gone independent in 2014, placing ourselves under the umbrella of Victory Baptist Church, God has been so good to our ministry. The Lord has opened schools in Alaska, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Alabama. We are overwhelmed with all that the Lord is entrusting us to accomplish through His strength. Please dear friends, continue to pray for our strength as we finish this year in public schools as well as the other teen outreaches that we are involved.

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Summer Ministry and Future Scheduling

As I began to write this update I was sitting in the office of a public school in Kansas. I was scheduled to speak in a Bible club meeting during the lunch hour. After I preached I walked into the lunchroom and spoke to the superintendent. He welcomed our program back into his school either this fall or early spring of 2016. 
This has been a very encouraging first half of the year of outreach and ministry. We have increased in support this year as well as meetings. We definitely do not want to diminish any of the trials that God is using to perfect us, but God’s abundant provision and blessings exceed far beyond all the testing. We can clearly see how God was in our move to Pennsylvania, and how God was in the renaming and placing our “new” ministry underneath a local church. We are continuing to ask God for open doors.

It is my Goal to surpass the normal amount of schools that I typically conduct my program in during a single semester. We are already on our way to scheduling at least four and possibly five in Alabama. We have at least one and possibly two in North Carolina. We have two scheduled in Illinois, but I will need to move one of those schools into the Spring of 2016. I have one in Kansas for the spring of 2016. Again the one school in Kansas has the opportunity to turn into three schools. I have one school that I have been invited back to in Indiana for either the fall of 2015 or the Spring of 2016. There is also a list of schools that are either “on the fence” when it comes to scheduling or they are just waiting to see how their schedule planning goes over the early summer months. Again God continues to show us his faithfulness. 

Our summer is just beginning. We are continuing to conduct revival meetings until our camp season starts in early July. We also have a few VBS meetings to minister in as well. Starting the middle of June until the second week of August I will be preaching on average two times a day excluding Saturdays. We will use Saturday as our “rest” day. Since we cannot get into public schools in the summertime, we are overjoyed with the opportunity to continue to reach teens in Summer camps. 

Pray for us as we continue to send mailings to schools as well as try to schedule all of the schools that we are currently communicating with for the 2015/2016 school year.

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